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亚博体育苹果app官方-登录 - Accumulation can be perfect bloom! Xing samsung technology knowledge training in 2019 will be successfully completed!

In order to implement the innovation pursuit of high quality and high speed development in the semi-annual conference of the company, comprehensively improve the professional level of technical staff in each service network, and realize the deep integration of theory and practice. Xingsamsung first mid-year large-scale technical training conference was held in jiaxing headquarters in August and lasted for one month. In view of this technical training, the company has made careful preparations by combining with the skilled and competent staff of the technical department, business department, production department, quality department and other departments.

This training covers the configuration and installation explanation of the main push products such as sliding door window, aluminum alloy inside opening and inside pouring system, aluminum alloy outside flat window opening, lifting and pushing and pulling system, plastic steel inside opening and inside pouring and floor spring, etc. It sets up a scientific and reasonable course structure, connecting orderly, step by step.

In order to create a good training environment, improve the training quality, and achieve the training effect of learning to apply, this training adopts a new technical training method. The training course is supplemented by product analysis and actual assembly and installation. Let everyone involved in the training be involved, and feel the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the usage method and the attention points of debugging and installation.

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Technical training is coming to an end. For all trainees, a systematic and comprehensive test is also essential.

Training personnel test

Training is the enterprise development of "humanistic investment", is the main way to improve enterprises "hematopoiesis", its in order to achieve fast out of the talents, talents, the more good people created the benign development of the situation, is to improve the employee motivation and transfer the powerful tools for the enterprise culture, the formation "training, enhanced skills, enterprise development, and training" model of development.

Short-term technical training is crucial, while long-term technical accumulation is the key. To provide customers with high-quality products and perfect service has been the concept of xing samsung, every technical staff will inherit this concept, study technical problems, improve the technical level, to promote enterprise innovation to make unremitting efforts.


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