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亚博体育苹果app官方-登录 - Xing samsung appeared in the 23rd international passive room conference and the fifth China (gaobeidian) international doors and Windows expo!

On October 9, 2019, the 23rd international passive house conference and the fifth China (gaobeidian) international doors and Windows expo opened in baoding, hebei province. As a high quality manufacturer committed to energy conservation, environmental protection and green building, xing samsung will bring a number of high quality building hardware products to the exhibition hall.

The international passive house conference is the most widely participated international green building development conference with the most authority, credibility and influence in the world. This is the first time that the conference has been held outside Europe and landed in China since 1996. China (gaobeidian) international doors and Windows expo has been successfully held for four times since 2012, which is one of the most influential professional doors, Windows and curtain walls fairs in the world. This is also the first international passive house and green building materials industry co-present, unprecedented scale.

The conference by the German institute of passive home (PHI), the international union of passive home (IPHA), baoding city, hebei province department of housing and urban and rural construction department of the people's government, in hebei province development and reform commission, science and technology department of hebei province, hebei province department of commerce, China construction metal structure association, the city people's government, China international door by gao beidian, longfor group to undertake. Around the theme of "passive house throughout the world", the conference will have in-depth exchanges on cutting-edge passive building technologies, passive house projects, passive building technology innovation in different climate zones and extreme climate conditions.

Located in the exhibition hall c1-04.05, xing samsung took a number of advantage products to appear on the exhibition site, showing a full range of the company's many series of classic products, winning the high recognition of numerous audience on the site, to reflect the refined requirements in the production process of products with high quality.

With "do top class hardware, tree 100 years famous enterprise" the xing samsung that is enterprise development target, rely on in door window hardware industry more than 30 years deep plowed development, had gotten the consistent appoints of room of 20 strong actual strength house enterprise before domestic. In the future, xingsamsung will continue to make use of its advantages in capital, technology, brand and management, keep innovating, promote diversified product structure and quality development, and further expand its influence in the industry through continuous brand building and service innovation, so as to contribute to the creation of a better life and low-carbon life!


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