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亚博体育苹果app官方-登录 - Greening supply chain, hand in hand sustainabilityxing samsung again with midtown alliance strategy hand in hand!

On September 5, 2019, the "2019 supplier conference of zhongcheng alliance and the third anniversary conference of the green chain action in the real estate industry" jointly sponsored by zhongcheng alliance and alxa SEE and undertaken by xindi group was held in the south district of Shanghai hongqiao international exhibition. After nearly half a year's bidding, planning, bidding and selection, and after full competition and comprehensive evaluation in several links, xingsamsung and zhongcheng alliance have again achieved in-depth strategic cooperation by virtue of high-quality products and services.

Membership list

Zhongcheng alliance was founded in 1999 with the aim of "having common interests and only upholding the right path". It is an industrial strategy alliance initiated by several influential enterprises in the real estate industry and formed by brand developers in major cities in China on the principle of equality and mutual benefit. As a member of the urban development committee of the Chinese housing association, I have enjoyed a healthy development for 20 years with the support and encouragement of the committee.

In the ninth batch of joint procurement, 38 joint purchasing member enterprises participated and 313 suppliers were shortlisted, finally covering 41 procurement categories, 160 winning bidders and 182 winning brands, with a total procurement amount of 5.1 billion yuan.

After winning the "long-term partner" of the eighth group of joint procurement of zhongcheng alliance green real estate, xingsamsung continues to reach in-depth strategic cooperation with zhongcheng alliance with the extreme craftsmanship manufacturing spirit. Through comprehensive evaluation, xing samsung will reach the strategic cooperation with xuhui group, daihatsu real estate, cofco land, sanshenghongye, shangkun real estate, tiantai real estate in plastic steel and aluminum alloy doors and Windows hardware.

This award marks the establishment of a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship between xing samsung and zhongcheng alliance, and also indicates the high compatibility of the two sides in the concept of "green and environmental protection". Relying on more than 30 years' deep development in the door and window hardware industry and its own innovative pursuit of high quality and high speed development, xingsamsung will continue to accompany zhongcheng alliance, adhere to "sunshine procurement", and go all the way together.


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